Engineering Services

We offer a range of engineering services from our premises in Brendale, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.


Welding repairs are an essential component when working with machinery subjected to harsh environments. CDR has a specially equipped welding department catering for a wide variety of applications and materials including processes such as thermal heating and cutting, mig, tig and arc welding and our specially trained team are equipped to handle all your requirements and perform to the highest standard. Our expertise and accuracy mean that we can consistently provide you with top-quality welded parts. From simple spot-welds, to complex assemblies, our processes are carried out under the strictest quality-assured standards that are monitored and administered by our in-house welding supervisors and inspectors. CDR is continually working to develop and hone new welding procedures and ensure that current procedures comply with our high standards. With our range of high-tech equipment and skilled welders you can rest-assured that CDR will deliver the highest quality and cleanest welds from break-down repairs to custom projects and ground up new builds.


  • Crack repairs
  • Erosion and wear build-up
  • Hard facing
  • Ground up fabrication
  • Hydraulic cylinder repairs
  • Bore welding
  • Custom projects
  • Ground up new builds


  • ARC
  • MIG
  • MMAW
  • GMAW
  • SAW
  • FCAW
  • GTAW


  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • All carbon steels
  • Duplex
  • Cast iron
  • Chrome moly
  • Wear-resistant steels
  • Quench and tempered grades of steel


CDR Hydraulics offer a comprehensive fabrication service for small and large projects. The CDR Hydraulics team experience in fabrication spans many years, delivering highly specialised welding and fabrication designs developed and produced in house by our qualified welding & fabricating specialists. We take pride in our ability to deliver advanced fabrications of the highest Australian standards. Following strict procedures and protocols that allow CDR Hydraulics to complete even the toughest of projects and repairs safely and efficiently. CDR Hydraulics can complete a number of welding disciplines on nearly any metal or alloy, including but not limited to titanium, stainless steel and aluminium. Whether your project is related to hydraulics or not the team at CDR Hydraulics looks forward to discussing your project specific needs and providing advice, so contact us today regarding your projects.


CDR Hydraulics offers professional machining and reclamation services this sets CDR Hydraulics apart from many other workshops and allows CDR Hydraulics to complete all necessary machining and engineering in house saving you time and money with our fully equipped machine shop and expertly trained technicians who have many years of training and experience when it comes to repairs and manufacturing. Our team are here for you; our unique perspective and passion enables CDR Hydraulics to assist with all your machining projects from new pins and bushes, new rods, barrels, pistons, glands to highly advanced custom-built designs. CDR Hydraulics purposely purchased a large CNC Lathe with 2500mm between centres, a 105mm spindle bore and 620mm diameter swing enabling us to produce large components and ensuring accuracy, repeatability and reduced turn-around time in the manufacturing of mechanical components, including rods, barrels, glands and pistons ensuring that the team at CDR Hydraulics will get you back to work in the shortest possible time.

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1/19 Moonbi Street, Brendale, Brisbane QLD 4500

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